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819 Montclair Court, Milford, OH 45150
Mon-Fri: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Daily Service

We manage a strict daily pool service routine that has firm guidelines for performance, concentrating on cleanliness; health code requirements; dependability and operational efficiency.
Our Daily Pool Maintenance Services Include:

  • Test chemicals
  • Order chemicals for on site service
  • Empty skimmers
  • Chemical balancing
  • Vacuum of debris
  • Skimming top of water
  • Brushing algae
  • Service schedule is customizable to fit your needs!

  • Daily, Weekly and Bi-Weekly Pool Service
  • Pool Opening Service

    Our experts at Aquamarine want to help you open your pool this season! Quality and dependable service for all your pool needs. Solid covers must be dry; Chemicals are extra; Pool Openings do NOT include vacuuming.

    Our Pool Opening Services Include:

  • Removing the pool cover
  • Screw down anchors
  • System startup
  • Returns put on
  • Maintenance check of equipment
  • Chemical check
  • Basic Chemical Balance
  • *Additional Cost:

  • Premium Chemical Balance
  • Vacuum Leaves
  • Clean Cartridges
  • Pool Winterization Service

    Aquamarine can winterize any size commercial or residential pool. Winter treatment chemicals and winter mesh covers and are extra to add.
    Our Winterization Services Include:

  • Clearing pool system of water
  • Plugging all pipes / water access points
  • Antifreeze and pipes
  • Putting the cover over the pool
  • *Additional Cost:

  • Winter vacuum all debris out before cover
  • *Additional Cost: Monthly Winter Check (1X a month)

  • Chemical check / balance
  • Algae check
  • Check water level
  • The Total Pool Inspection

    • Motors/Pumps - We provide complete motor repair and replacement.
    • Filters - We provide filter repair and replacement
    • Heaters - We provide repair or replacement as needed.
    • Salt systems - A preferred system to the traditional chlorinator, we provide installation, repair and replacement
    • Plumbing/Valves - We provide complete repair or replacement

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